Tutorials of BMC SuperTX (Bycoin)

1.Upate to the Latest Bycoin

Download and update to the 2.9.0: https://blockmeta.com/wallet

2. Creat a BMC Wallet

After updating, enter the main interface and click on the upper right corner to switch the network

choose BMC network

Enter the BMC network and create a BMC wallet

Enter the wallet password, the creation is successful

3. Enter the SuperTx

Press “SuperTx”

Enter the main page

4. Use the SuperTx

Select the exchange pair, take BTM-USDT as an example, and enter the exchange amount

Click Swap and confirm

Enter the password to confirm the transaction

Exchange successfully

5. Create or add a superTx pool

Users can add assets to the superTx pool to earn

Select Pool on the main page to enter the liquidity pool

Choose “Add V2 Liquidity" or "Creat a pair"

If the pool already exists, you can add an asset directly

If the pool does not exist, you need to set the two assets added



Successfully and obtain the certificate

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