2022.3.3 Stop the lending business and liquidate the staking assets 2022.3.7 The Vapor stops running, and the assets take a snapshot 2022.3.8 BMC goes online, regular asset mapping

Migration Process


For auto-mapped assets

1.Update to the lastest version of Bycoin and creat the BMC wallet 2.Wait for assets to be mapped automatically

Auto-mapped assets: BTC ETH ERC20 assets(USDT,DAI,USDC,HT,GT,LINK,OKB,ZKS,mBTM,SHIB,HOKK,KISHU,Bytom(erc-20) ) BTM BAP20 assets(SUP,MAG)

Mapping business scope: including balance, superconducting pool, lending pool, node voting and locked assets

For unmapped assets

Contact the Bycoin official, provide the address, cross-chain proof, main chain address for transfering out and other information, and wait for transfer out

Unmapped assets: LTC DOT BTMC

2. Byone

Enter Secret Recovery Phrase of Byone into Bycoin and migrate it according to the Bycoin method

3. Vapor full node wallet

Contact Bytom official, provide address, signature and transfer out main chain address, wait for transfer out


1.What will happen after Vapor stops running?

After stopping, blocks will not be generated, transfers and transactions will not be generated, and all operations on the chain will be stopped (including Super TX, Magnet TX)

2.When can get the mapped assets after BMC goes online?

Because mapped assets needs to be bound to BMC address, so needs upgrade to the latest version to generate a BMC address at first. The system will regularly detect the new BMC address, and then map the corresponding Vapor assets to this address. Generally, this process may take several hours.

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